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Making graphics [08 Feb 2007|10:33am]

Hi everyone.
I'm back after M.I.A for months. haha. I haven't had time to mess with livejournal working full-time and going to school part-time.
I really miss making graphics, but I don't have time to maintain a community.

With that being said, does anyone know a graphic community that I'd be able to make freebie blinkies and icons? I want to be able to make graphics when I want (it'd be pretty often) without a maintainer whining about me not making 5 blinkies a week (or even one). I want to do it on my own time. Are there any graphic communities like that anymore? ;\

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! I haven't been on here in forever so I don't know what communities are the rave anymore haha.

Examples & stuffCollapse )

I've missed everyone!
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[11 Nov 2006|04:51pm]

Did everyone die here?

I'll take 2 icon requests. HIGH QUALITY

no couples
no babies
no text only.
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[19 Sep 2006|08:29pm]
Same people requesting over and over repeatedly, will be fined and imprisoned :)
Heh. I wish, lol. Just take it easy on requesting guys. I see alot of the same people filling up spots, let others take a turn.

Toya is still missing ever since her last post on 8/5. I'm worried out my guts about her, but I know she's doing okay. Just thanks for keeping up with the community and makers, thanks to you all as well!
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theyre finally done! lol [15 Sep 2006|05:49pm]

for heatherrrrr nyyhoneybee hearthandheart undrwrldangel24littlmisspanda ishiiversuecha whitestar diam0nd_girl christianelynn

sorry it took so long, ive been busy with work and school. also, i was stressed out due to the fact that earlier today was a my driving test, and i passed :D
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[19 Aug 2006|10:43pm]

taking 8.• please do not number requests. • manners goes along way with me.
short names only. • if your name is way long, i will try and shorten it; request just incase.
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CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS [25 Jul 2006|02:23pm]

I've finished going through the member request list and set the setting to CLOSED to new members.

I'm going to be working on cleaning/revamping the community so we won't be accepting new members until I get everything finished up.

To do:
  • Cleaning sidebar, userinfo, maker list.
  • New layout.
  • Find a mod to do pickup reminders.
  • Hunt down the member contest post.
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    [19 Jun 2006|03:02pm]

    FYI: Pending membership requests will be done tonight.
    I've been a very busy gal. :o)
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    [27 May 2006|12:37pm]



    To those waiting to be approved: It will be a few days (or maybe sooner) before I will be able to go through and check for approval. Please be patient with me. Thank you. :)
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    OPEN!!! [16 May 2006|02:03am]

    Since we now have a request limit, we're now:
    to new members

    Please read the userinfo before you request to join, thank you.
    I'll be the only one approving membership so if you get declined, please don't gripe to our mod. There is a link to comment on/email to send your questions to.

    Current members:
    I've changed the userinfo a bit. I'll be adding all new buttons soon.
    I haven't gotten to my freebie because I wanted to work on the community, but they will get done.

    - We'll be having a contest for the members that isn't graphic related so that everyone can participate soon as well. It should be fun. :)

    - Maker contest will also be coming. I haven't posted it yet because of all of the recent drama.
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    MAINTAINER POST [27 Jan 2006|01:34am]

    [ mood | tired ]

    I said that I was going to do a member cut a while back. I've been doing it slow, but I'm finally finished. I've removed all deleted journals, and journals that I know have been abandoned (new journal), and members that I know are joined on more than one username. Those won't be listed here . . you should know who you are.

    Other journals removedCollapse )

    1) DO NOT join on more than one username! If you get a new journal, please remove yourself from the old one before you request to join with your new one.

    2) I've noticed that a few members have locked credit journals (that is fine), but have graphics posted elsewhere without credit. If you post graphics made at freebie_ave in your userinfo, etc., credit in hover text or on that page. Not just posting graphics up and then having the credits in a locked journal. o.O
    Thank you!

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    Rules / Loved List [25 Dec 2005|11:30am]
    [ mood | complacent ]

    koolaid_'s rules and unlimited requestsCollapse )

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    Members Only. [02 Aug 2005|05:56pm]

    Hi, welcome to freebie_ave! This is a freebie community where only makers can take requests. You don't have to comment to join, just go read the rules in the userinfo and then click to join.

    You must add the community to your friends list.
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